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The Ewok Adventure/Caravan of Courage (1984):

In 1984, George Lucas decided to expand his Star Wars universe onto the small screen. He wrote the story for this 'spin-off' of Return of the Jedi, and John Korty directed.

To narrate the story, they used Sam the Snowman himself, the late Burl Ives.

The story focused on the popular furry creatures from Return of the Jedi, the Ewoks. Wicket, everyone's favorite Ewok, was the lead character, along with two humans who are stranded on Endor and looking for their parents.

The Ewok Adventure doesn't live up to the Star Wars trilogy, but it's still a lot of fun to watch.

Have fun looking through the sections, each loaded with many pictures and other multimedia.




(ASF) The Ewok Adventure Trailer


The Battle for Endor (1985):

In 1985, George Lucas, with directors Jim and Ken Wheat, returned Star Wars to the small screen with the sequel to Caravan of Courage: The Ewok Adventure. In this second venture, Wicket and Cindel must face off against the evil Marauders. At the beginning of the story, the Marauders capture all the Ewoks, and kill Cindel's family. The duo isn't at it alone, though. On their journey they meet Noa, an old hermit who is also looking for a way home, and his small but fast companion Teek. Together, the four friends try to rescue the Ewoks, facing off against a whole army of evil Marauders led by King Terak, a witch named Charal, and a bloodthirsty dragon.

Ewoks: The Battle For Endor is a surprisingly good television movie. It could have just as well been released in theaters. This movie is just as good as the first Ewoks movie, and many will argue that it is just as good as the four other Star Wars movies, as well! I, for one, have watched this movie many times since its original airing, and have enjoyed it almost as much as the original Star Wars trilogy. And that's exactly why I wanted to pay this little tribute to it, hoping it will remain a cult classic for future generations to come.



(ASF) The Battle for Endor Trailer



Wicket > Warwick Davis
Logray > Bobby Bell
Paploo > Kenny Baker
Chief Chirpa > Rick Cimino
Mace > Eric Walker
Cindel > Aubree Miller





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